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Vlamis Yachts & Yacht Management

Vlamis Yachts and Yacht Management, is a medium-sized family-owned company with privately owned and under management contract operated vessels since 1992. The vessels offered to selected charterers are under our absolute management or legal representation. The company started its activity with Yacht Charters and Technical Support of Boats in Italy, from 1992 to 1998, while parallel activity was created in France, Germany, Canada and the USA. Its founder, George Vlamis, a student at that time, was fortunate to meet with Italian shipowners and shipbuilders, who brought him to the secrets of the ships and later to the Maritime Tourism Industry. From 1998 until Today we deal with Management, Charter and Technical Support of Boats up to 24 Meters. In 1998 the Company moved to Greece. Our fleet consists of managed privately owned vessels and commercially owned vessels from the following countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom. Our fleet is selected by the most important charter brokers and agents around the world.

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Vlamis Yachts & Yacht Management
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