What is IBCS-Anchored?

IBCS-Anchored is an international organisation, independent from any charter operation or central data marketing operation.

The IBCS trademark is an international quality trademark, independently awarded to bareboat charter operators who match and measure their services to the ISO standards for bareboat charter operations.

It is a recognised symbol of quality and safety which offers true value to consumers, charter boat operators and boat owners.

Why have we Launched NOW?

The International Bareboat Charter Standards were published by the ISO in 2018, so now is the perfect time to harmonise the bareboat charter industry and work with operators to improve the quality and make guarantees of service.

What IBCS-Anchored can do for YOU…
Being verified by us, you can link to a registered directory that will show up in Google searches, so you can stand out and win more clients.”

Impact Our Industry…

We all want to see a change to how customers view the international charter industry and this is your opportunity to make a positive impact.

What’s needed…

IBCS-Anchored will be successful if we have enough charter operators, to commit a small amount of time and invest in the company’s standards to progress through the IBCS-Anchored product range and adopt best practice offering a quality bareboat charters service to your customers.

Anchored - International Bareboat Charter Standards


        • Base inspections and improvement reporting base on international standards.

A comprehensive inspection of areas of the business operation including charter boats

        • Review of all International documents and media platforms for quality and consistency.

English text check online and in print material

        • Production of a SOP manuals customised to operator’s business culture.

Design and print of a SOP manual with annual updates

        • Management and Personnel training to develop their Best Practise skills.

How to make a difference in the business

        • Support for managers and personnel during growth periods at critical times.

We go the extra mile for you!