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Register with IBCS- Anchored and get unique access to a superb package of benefits and practical tools to make the most of the standards you use by promoting the Anchored logo and certificates.

“In an increasingly competitive world, standards can mean the difference between success and failure, and that’s why more and more organizations use them. Promoting the IBCS- Anchored certificates means you gain a superb package of benefits at an impressive price, so you can make the most of the standards you use. But above all it shows that you’re really committed to performing better and delivering excellence.”

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Shouldn’t you register NOW?

To progress through the IBCS program, you should complete the THREE standards, in the correct order.

See the pricing structure below for progression costs through the IBCS-Anchored program.

If you are uncertain which product to choose or have any questions, send us a general CONTACT enquiry first.

REGISTER your business with IBCS for FREE and then select your product. 


If both IBCS products: Verified Standards and Best Practice are purchased together, an additional discount will be applied:
    €98 + €138 = €236 €198 (this choice can be selected at registration)

IBCS “Business Investor” can only be achieved after the first two products have been completed (additional consultation costs apply – ask for details).

Do remember that each product is PER BASE only, multiple bases require multiple registrations.

IBCS S1: Verified Standards

A self-assessment audit of your current position.
  • IBCS: Company Registration - FREE!
  • €69: Verified Standards Assessment
  • €29: AnchorMark & 1yr Licence
  • €19: Certificate (1st Yr Free)

IBCS S2: Best Practice

Developing your charter operation.
  • IBCS: Company Registration - FREE!
  • €109: Best Practise MPH & SOP (single)
  • €29: AnchorMark & 1yr Licence
  • €19: Certificate (1st Yr Free)

IBCS S3: Business Investor

Invest and consolidate your business procedures
  • IBCS: Company Registration - FREE!
  • €129: Consultancy Administration
  • €29: AnchorMark & 1yr Licence
  • €19: Certificate (1st Yr Free)