IBCS-Anchored: Standards Verification Survey

Completing this “self-verification” audit of your charter business, according to IBCS/ISO standards will enable you to measure how you meet the international standards and areas for business development.

It is a starting point for you to measure the REAL quality of what you offer your clients and it provides a benchmark level from which you can continue to further improve and develop your charter operation.

Complete the Standards Verification Survey below:

CAREFULLY read each question and BEFORE you complete an answer (yes/no) be sure that you understand the focus of the question.

ALL standards can be reviewed in a complete PDF by clicking HERE.

Your IBCS-Anchored Verification Standards Survey begins here.

Firstly please complete the Operator and Base details, as each certification licence is only valid for ONE base.

When the survey starts, do click on "Hint" for basic details of each question; you can also click on "standard explained" for a detailed explanation of each standard requirement.

Pleas take time and answer all the self-certification questions carefully.

You can only complete ONE Standards Survey per charter base.

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