How can YOU meet the new ISO International Standards?

IBCS Recommendations:

> All operators must have access to the International Standards for Bareboat Charter.

It’s only possible to meet the standards when you know what they are.
A self-assessment of current operations should be done as soon as possible.

> Business owners should have a SOP manual in place for managers and personnel.

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are detailed written instructions to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function. A well-written and implemented SOP can be used to satisfy compliance requirements, mitigate health and safety risk, or simply to work in a consistent and efficient manner throughout the operations.

> Business development reviews and charter base inspections by independent partners offering support when challenges appear.

The importance of business development today is critical with the focus on getting connected, growing a network and expanding the business. It is the responsibility of a business owner to nurture and build relations with new potential partners and clients.

What are your choices and what you should choose?

The IBCS-Anchored program is a three-level program which bareboat operators can progress through stage by stage. As you progress through the three levels available, IBCS confirms for YOUR charter operation, that:

    • (i) you have self-assessed your Verified Standards and recognise the ISO standards in your charter operation
    • (ii) you are implementing Best Practice for managing and operating your charter operation
    • (iii) you are continually making a positive investment in your operation as a Business Investor for a sustainable future.

All operators should actively show that you are complying with the INTERNATIONAL ISO STANDARDS by registering with IBCS and starting with a verification of your current operating standards. Begin with the IBCS  Verified Standards self-assessment to match your current operating standards with the IBCS/ISO standards, then progress through the IBCS Best Practise and Business Investor products to further develop, maintain and improve your charter operation.

Click on each of the IBCS icons below to explore more detail about each IBCS level of service.

With IBCS Verified standards – you can recognise, qualify and quantify your current level of performance. Benefits include risk reduction, increased customer satisfaction and access to new customers around the world.

+ Charter Operators make your own online self-assessment and verify your standards. Registration includes access to your online self-assessment and one year licensing for the IBCS-Anchored Verified Standards certification.

With IBCS Best Practice – you can further develop your verified standards using the IBCS Managers’ Operational Handbook and Standard Operating Procedures. Benefit by managing your business and day-to-day operation according to set guidelines and standards? Put simply, standards make things better, safer, higher quality and easier to use.

+ Order the “Managers Operational Handbook” and use the SOPs to measure your already verified performance standards, then implement them to improve your business operational management.

With IBCS Business Investor – we’re with you at every step! Our services are designed to align with what charter operators need to understand about “best practice” and what it is, then how to invest management time towards achieving it and ensuring that it remains an ongoing developmental direction.

+ Invest in your business and have YOUR standards checked and receive your customised SOP and “Manager’s Procedural Handbook” written to meet these higher standards. After an independent on-site consultation at your charter base, you will receive an independent development report for your managers to work with and a further development plan for the next few years.