1_Verified Standards

How do YOU as a Bareboat Charter Operator ensure quality and standards within your operation? Meeting and maintaining internationally accepted standards, recognisable for customers, brokers and yourselves as operators, creates market confidence.

Customers – can charter a bareboat anywhere worldwide with confidence, when they know the charter operator had their quality assurance and standards IBCS Verified, based on the ISO20410 international standard.

Brokers – bareboat brokers and agents can be confident that the boats and the locations they sell to their customers meets the IBCS Verified Standards when they see the IBCS-Anchormark.

Operators – of bareboat charters that promote the IBSC Verified Standards are confident knowing their boats and services should meet the international standard base on the ISO20410.

This sign of confidence offers a guarantee to Customers, Operators and Brokers that the service provided meets the International Bareboat Charter Standards. 

“Customers who see charter operators that have had their standards verified by an independent provider are 4x more likely to charter with them.” 

IBCS Verified Standards

The IBCS questionnaire / survey asks charter operators basic questions about their business practises following the ISO catalogue of standards and will result in a score confirming a rate of compliance.

A positive result will award the charter operator the Verified Standards certificate that can be used to promote their business standards and conformity. Additionally you will be licensed to use the IBCS VERIFIED STANDARDS Anchormark and Logo on your website and stationary as a “brand quality mark” for achieving and matching the IBCS standards for Bareboat Charter.


    • IBCS registration and the Verified Standards self-assessment survey for this certificate costs €59 (other annual licensing applies).
    • package bundle registration/licensing options are available with other certification stages.
    • this includes login and access to the VERIFICATION STANDARDS self-assessment SURVEY which must be completed.
    • there are NO other add-on costs for this certificate.