A Hygiene Management Standard Concept for International Bareboat Yacht Charter Operators

Taking special consideration of the current Covid-19 virus pandemic


IBCS-ANCHORED has a Competent Guide
A management system certificate developed by IBCS-ANCHORED specifically for the hygiene sphere, which deals with the Covid-19 virus pandemic in particular detail due to the current situation, provides a  basic business standard and maximum level of safety for companies, employees and customers, making for clear competitive advantages in this sector. These standard are developed by hygiene and management system experts. By providing appropriate certification, they offer companies an opportunity to communicate their efforts to prevent or spread viral diseases to the outside world and to have their needs-based hygiene concept reviewed by an independent authority.

The IBCS-Anchor Mark and certificate awarded for using a Coved Safe Concept furnishes verification, strengthens trust in organisations as demanded by the market.

         €98.00 Includes Covid Safe Concept supported by a Certificate and an Anchor Mark logo.


A higher level of Certification according to TÜV AUSTRIA Hygiene Management Standard is also offered. It documents that comprehensive hygiene and safety standards have been permanently implemented in a company’s working environment, that they are continuously evaluated (based on legal requirements) and that measures are tightened up if necessary.

Certification according to TÜV AUSTRIA Hygiene Management Standard are offered to organisations as demanded by the international market.

TÜV AUSTRIA certificates are recognized worldwide.

          €158.00 Includes Consultancy fee  for Covid Shield policy content.  

Owing to their legal obligation as well as their social responsibility, organisations are required to implement in-house regulations and measures to maintain or resume operations in the best and safest way possible within the scope of permissible possibilities.

Health, Safety & Business Continuity
In preparation for pandemics, companies should implement appropriate hygiene concepts, adapt them regularly to current conditions and evaluate them continuously as part of their in-house hygiene management system.
In 2020, the issue became particularly explosive due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Management System:

A Safe Foundation with Continuous Improvement Potential

IBCS-ANCHORED lays the foundation for certification.

This hygiene management system can either be set up, operated and monitored individually or, owing to its high-level structure, it can be used as an integrated management system together with existing systems.
As with other management systems, the starting point is the organisation, its interested parties and a comprehensive risk analysis. These parameters are used to set up a system standard with the appropriate processes and measures, which ensures that maintenance and continuous improvement are possible, for example through regular evaluation. The lynchpin of the standard is the involvement and commitment of the organisations senior management, definition of suitable qualified personnel and transparent communication with all stakeholders.
Planning & Implementation
As part of the planning process, the focus is on potential risks, for example with regard to the aspects of hygiene for people, infrastructure, air and water as well as how to deal with these. An appropriate management system ensures that organisations’ processes are designed to identify and analyse hygiene criteria and take appropriate measures. Action plans and emergency response plans ensure targeted implementation, take into account aspects such as dealing with incidents and emergencies, while ensuring business continuity in the event of an emergency.

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